How to change Garena Free Fire game server or region or country?

That Garena free Fire is a universal game is known by everyone, although it isn’t so important when it comes to playing. Its matchmaking operation is grounded on the division by regions, which typically those regions are the different mainlands of the earth. Still, we’re going to tell you how we can change region in Garena Free Fire to play with people from other countries and ameliorate our gaming experience.

If possible. Officially, Garena assures that at the moment they don’t contemplate the idea of changing the position of the waiters, unless it’s a special case and they’re obliged to carry it out. But don’t be scarified, since there’s a system that allows you to achieve it fluently and snappily, without having to unfold a formal defense for it.

What’s the use of changing region?

Well, it really is commodity that depends on the intentions of each one. A casual gamer may not need to explore this idea, but a more grandiose stoner may find it relatively intriguing. As we’ve said before, Garena Free Fire divides its waiters by regions, so players from Europe, for illustration, It’s insolvable for them to contend with other areas similar as the United States or Asia, presumably where the loftiest position of play resides and where the most can be bettered at formerly. This will offer an occasion to take on the stylish from other areas and raise the position of our game.

How to change the region of the servers

Since Garena doesn’t officially allow it, everything will be grounded on changing the position of our IP address, to pretend that we’re in that area, but without being physically. To do this, we’re going to use apps that modify the VPN of the terminal, thus we’ve chosen Turbo VPN, but it can be any other like Hola Free VPN or analogous bones. We recommend over each that, if you want to download operations of this type, you do it through the Play Store, since doing so by other means can produce problems.

It has a fairly simple operation, but for those who don’t handle this type of program, we’re going to explain how it works. When we download the app from the Google Play Store, also we must press the” Connect” button, with which we will be located in another geographical area of the chart, and you can do it automatically or manually. You can choose between a aggregate of 12 different countries, and you can choose if you want the stylish connection or the closest bones in your area. From there, just start Garena Free Fire and start playing, only with the difference of contending with rivals from other corridor of the world.

Still, we’ve the possibility to change the IP address collectively, without having to change the smartphone fully, If the chosen option is Hola Free VPN. Once we open it, we elect Garena’s game, and it’ll appear in a menu in which we can choose the region we want to change to, be it any country in America orAsia.However, it’s because it’s a free app and offers unlimited browsing data, although the two options are completely valid and you can choose the bone you like the most, If we’ve decided for Turbo VPN.

Any option without using VPN?

In addition to being suitable to use the former apps, there’s another option available to be suitable to change region in Garena Free Fire. It’s virtually the same way simple, but it’s much more severe than the former. All we’ve to do is write a communication to the sanctioned website of Garena. In this letter we will request the change of garçon, and you must give reasons and reasons why you want the change, as well as include the region to which you want to change.

The worst of these consequences is that once the region is changed by this means, you won’t be suitable to return to your former region Worse still, it will not let you use other VPNs to be suitable to play in other regions, which in the long run can bring you more problems than benefits. For that reason, it’s nearly better to conclude for the use of a VPN, since it allows the gameplay in two different regions, being an inversely legal process.

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